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  1. battle-axolotl

    battle-axolotl Benutzer

  2. Marc78

    Marc78 Neuer Benutzer

    Moin zusammen,

    bin neu hier und möchte mich kurz vorstellen:
    Marc, Baujahr 1978, Vater eines Nerf-Verrückten, komme aus dem Raum Soest/Arnsberg, bin seit einer Woche Mitglied im Verein "Owl-Nerf Community" und muss mich wohl jetzt mal mit der Materie auseinander setzen. Ich bin eigentlich im Lager Airsoft zu Hause, aber Nerfbattles machen mir neuerdings auch viel Spaß ;)

    Beste Grüße
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  3. DoggyBG

    DoggyBG Blasted Kenner

    Willkommen hier :)
    Jemand der halbwegs hier in der Ecke ist ^^
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  4. Moggih

    Moggih Auf Blasted zuhause

    Ja! Rottet euch zusammen, macht ein Treffen, dann komme ich auch :D

    Willkommen jedenfalls :)
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  5. DoggyBG

    DoggyBG Blasted Kenner

    Muss da echt mal gucken... Hab da evtl. Eine outdoor location, die ich mir mal anschauen könnte ^^
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  6. Hoeni

    Hoeni Auf Blasted zuhause

    Oh ein Ortsansässiger quasi, exzellent :)
    Willkommen im Forum und wenn was ist: ich bin ‚umme Ecke‘…
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  7. Marc78

    Marc78 Neuer Benutzer

    Ortsansässig? Wo kommst Du denn her? X-D
  8. Marc78

    Marc78 Neuer Benutzer

    Wo ist denn "halbwegs"?
  9. DoggyBG

    DoggyBG Blasted Kenner

    Sitze im MK
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  10. Hoeni

    Hoeni Auf Blasted zuhause

    Beckum - moggih hat hier eine schöne usermap gebaut, ich muss mal suchen wo die ist…
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  11. Moggih

    Moggih Auf Blasted zuhause

  12. Marc78

    Marc78 Neuer Benutzer

    ich arbeite in Hemer :)
  13. medusa

    medusa Auf Blasted zuhause

    Allgemein ein herzliches Willkommen an alle neuen Nerflinge auch von mir. :)
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  14. Avinash Shankar

    Avinash Shankar Benutzer

    Hallo all,

    After a lurking here for a long time, I would like to introduce myself. My German is not that good and that's why I write in English. I hope that's okay. My name is Avinash and I am from India. I have been in Erlangen, Germany for a couple of years (covid years so mostly home :( ). I work as a patent attorney at Siemens. I am married and have a 6 months old son.

    I got into the nerf scene about 6 months ago and find it to be a rather fun hobby. I got into the hobby while buying some wooden toys for my 6 month old son. Since then, I have acquired a couple of boxes of nerf blasters (which my wife is not happy about). It's an addictively fun to go on ebay and haggle and buy blasters. I also like the Modding aspect and building aspect. I had fun building YEHW with @smells like foam. I also tried Modding a firestrike to take a talon mag (very crudely kindof like a worker cheetah) and am trying to do the same to a fortnite SP-l. I would like to build a Rx (foam knight) at some time.

    In addition to nerf, I am also a fan of science fiction and video games. I am also a fan of warhammer 40K (especially the gaunt and nightlords books). I have painted a couple of chaos space marines and like watching the 40k in 40minutes channel (though I have never played a tabletop game personally). Additionally, I learnt how to use a pottery wheel to make cups and jars and the basics of glazing pottery. I also love chip carving and wood carving and have made some coasters and other small trinkets like spoons and small toys.

    edit: I also am a big fan of origami and papercraft. I used to make masks using pepecura cutouts. Origami is something I still try to practice. I am particularly like making origami tessellation hydrangea.

    I would like to meet more people with similar interests and work with them (kind of like sit, chat, have a beer and mod/chip carve/paint, etc).

    Warm regards,
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  15. SirScorp

    SirScorp Administrator Mitarbeiter

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  16. Feckless

    Feckless Benutzer

    I can somewhat relate.....

    I think you will fit in here nicely. Welcome!
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  17. Avinash Shankar

    Avinash Shankar Benutzer


    Thank you for welcoming me.

    @SirScorp thank you for informing me about the Ulm Feb event. Actually, I am thinking about attending the one in Dec ( at least for one day or so). Depends on how many favours/chores I need to do, before my wife agrees ;P.

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  18. Rebound

    Rebound Auf Blasted zuhause

    Hi @Avinash Shankar .
    I live about 12 km from Erlangen (and have lived some years in Erlangen as well).
    Iam a native english speaker (american, even if a bit rusty) so english is not a problem.
    Feel free to contact me, if you want to know things that i can help you with.
  19. FetteWorst

    FetteWorst Auf Blasted zuhause

    Sounds like ALOT of people in our hobby :) you will fit in rather well! I was always more a imperial guard/spacemarine fan. My wife isnt too happy about the 200+ blasters i own...but oh Well my son and i have plenty of fun :D

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